Kids swimming currents
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No lessons during the school holiday.
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(Registrations accepted) A later course entry is possible if the course is not fully bocked.
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Monday (Kilchberg) level 1 16.10-16.40Uhr level 2 16.40-17.10Uhr level 3 17.10-17.40Uhr level 4 17.40-18.10Uhr level 5 17.35-18.05Uhr level 6 17.05-17.35Uhr level 7 16.35-17.05Uhr level 8 18.10-18.40Uhr
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Thuresday (Gattikon) level 1 16.30-17.00Uhr level 2 17.00-17.30Uhr level 3 17.30-18.00Uhr level 4 18.00-18.30Uhr level 5 18.00-18.30Uhr level 6-7 16.30-17.10Uhr level 8 17.10-18.00Uhr