Crawl courses for adults
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Monday (Kilchberg) 18.45-19.30Uhr (beginners) Tuesday (Kilchberg) 19.30-20.30Uhr (advanced)
Monday 45 minutes, Tuesday 60 minutes. No lessons during the school holiday.
online application online application applications via PDF (Monday) applications via PDF (Monday)
(Registrations accepted) A later course entry is possible if the course is not fully bocked.
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Swimming like Michel Phelps A crawl course takes place on Monday/Tuesday evening. The courses is for advanced swimmers who like to improve crawl techniques. The goal is to learn the latest crawl technique and to feel the ease moving in water. During 17/18 lessons you will learn the economic technique of crawl to slide through the water. The lessons take place in the indoor pool of Kilchberg and are teached in German.
applications via PDF (Tuesday) applications via PDF (Tuesday)